The Berrys Creek cheese range embraces vegetarian cheese-lovers, as we use only non-animal rennet and to everyone's taste, our cheese is proudly preservative free.


Oak Blue

This substantial 5Kg wheel has a real presence as do the majestic oak trees of Mossvale Park. A recipe after a gorgonzola style, this cheese has a lingering, full mouth assault on the senses. Heavily veined and aged for 3 months.


Riverine Blue

Named in honour of the buffalo breed grazing near Woodside in Gippsland, this cheese is steadily becoming our signature variety. It has a soft and creamy texture with a sweet delicacy complimenting the purity of this outstanding milk.


Tarwin Blue

Like the Tarwin River, this highly awarded flagship cheese reflects earthy qualities especially on maturity with a lasting intensity and a texture full of soft, smooth appeal.



Mossvale Blue

The renown  Mossvale Park inspired another original flagship variety. Mossvale Blue has a creamy texture with a sweet aftertaste


Bellingham Blue

 A cherished family name, Bellingham is the mildest blue of our range with a silky, soft texture that rolls across the tongue. An ideal introduction to the palate for those tasting blue cheese for the first time.


Charlton's Choice

New to our range, this unique ewe's milk cheese is named after our cheese
maker Barry Charlton.  A natural rind cheese with an ivory white pate and
pockets of blue green mould on the interior. Mild, but rich in flavor.


Shearer's Choice

This ewe's milk washed rind exhibits a luscious creamy interior with a complex earthy flavour. The rind is light orange and aromatic on maturity.


Sunrise Plains

Named after buffalo grazing on the property of Sunrise Plains, East
Gippsland, this washed rind cheese has a mild sweet delicate and creamy
flavour with a sticky orange surface.